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GA3 (CAS 77-06-5)
IAA (CAS 87-51-4)
BAP (CAS 1214-39-7)

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Xyten initially seeded in New Zealand in year 2002, expanding fast and everyday adding more trusted links for new clients in many countries.

Xyten currently has bases in UK, AUS, USA and New Zealand also China as well. Our motivation and supply is based on today technology for faster shipping of goods and products.

Xyten expansion is based on consideration for the optimum cost at target price for all consumers across the world who always considering the technology and quality and trusting the known agricultrual industrin in Australasia.

Our unique expertise in agriculture works so well because of the close relationships between our farmers, agrifarm scientists and our trusted sources for raw material � both with the shared passion and determination to get things done.

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Latest News

NSW base opening soon

XYEN going to open new branche

in Australia in order to supply the AU

growers ...

XYTEN setup new plant in China

XYTEN Founder visiting China

manufacturers in order to setup

new base in agricultural industry.

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110 60
BAP plant growth regulator
208 813
GA3 plant growth regulator
51 88
IAA plant growth regulator
228 62
xyten Trilogy plant gorwth regulator
117 368
22 38