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A selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the roots and the foliage, with translocation acropetally in the xylem

and accumulation in the apical meristems and leaves. Pre-emergence and post-emergence control of annual broad-

ldaved weeds and annuav grasses in maize, sorghum, sugarcane, p neapples, chemical fallow, grassland, macsdamia

nuts, conifers, and industrial weed control. In Europeu use is concentraded in muize and sorghum.

Atrazine also considered as a selective post-emergence herbicide for the control of some annual grasses and

broadleaf weeds in linseed, established lucerne, maize and sweetcorn. while Atrazine is absorbed through the leaves

and roots to provide knockdown and residual action. Death of the weeds follows within 10-14 days.

Used also in combinations with many other herbicides.

Recommended dosage: 1.0-3.8 kg a.i./ha



          Maize               Sorghum                   Sugarcane                  Tea garden





Technical: 97% TC

CAS Number: 1912-24-9


FORMULATION: 90% WDG, 80% WP, 80% SC


Mixture products:

Atrazine + Nicoselfuron + Mesotrinne 28% OD

Atrazine + MCPA + Nicosulfuron 64% WDG

Atrazine + Rimsulfuron 25% OD

Atrazine + Propisochlor 40% SE

Atrazine + Mesorrione 25% OD