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A fast acting herbicide that works by disrupting cell membranes and interfering with photosynthesis. Pre-harvest

desiccation of rice, cereals, maize, cotton, flax, alfalfa, soya beans, peas, beans, clover, lupins, oilseed rape,

poppies,sunflowers, sugar beet, and other seed crops; destruction of potato haulms; and stripping of hops.

Control of annual weeds in vines, pome fruit, stone fruit, bush fruit, strawberries, citrus fruit, olives, hops,

vegetables, ornamental plants and shrubs, and other crops. Ahso control of runners.

Control of emergent and submerged aquatic weeds. Weed control on non-crop land. Weed control and tassel

inhibition in sugar cane.

Recommended dosage: 400-1000 g a.i./ha



Cotton desiccation    Oilseed rape desiccation       Citrus garden                Non-crop land





Technical: 40% TK

CAS Number: 85-00-7


FORMULATION:: 25% SL, 20% SL, 15% SL