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A contact fungicide with protective and curative action. Inhibits germination of spores and growth

of fungal mycelium. Control of Botrytis, Monilia, Sclerotinia, Alternaria, Corticium, Fusarium, Helminthosporium, Phoma,

Rhizoctonia, Typhula spp., etc. Used mainly on sunflowers, cereals, fruit trees, berry fruit, oilseed rape, rice, cotton, vegetables,

and vines as a foliar  spray. Can also be used as a post-harvest dip, as a seed treatment  or as a dip or

spray at planting.

Recommended dosage:

0.5-1.0 kg a.i./ha oh crops and 3-12 kg a.i./ha on turf



Paper gray mold      Lettuce stem rot     Tomato early blight Tobacco brown spot




Technical: 96% TC

CAS Number: 36734-19-7


FORMULATOON: 50% WP, 500 g/L SC, 255 g/L SC




Mixture products:


Iprodione + Mancozeb + Carbendazim 75% WP

Iprodione + Thiophanate-methyl 60% WP

Iprodione + Carbendazim 52.5% WP

Iprodione + Pyrimethanil 60% WDG

Iprodione + Propineb 80% WP