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Systemic foliar fungicide with protective and curative action, with translocation acropetally in the xylem. Used on

grasses  grown for seed, mushrooms, Corn, wild rice peanuts, almonds, sorghum, oats, pecans, apricots, peaches,

nectarines, plums and prunes. On cereals controls diseases caused by Erysiphe graminis, Leptosphaeria nodorum,

Pseudocerosporella herpotrichoides, Puccinia spp., Pyrenophora trees, Rhynchosporium secalis, and Septoria spp..

Recommended dosage: 100~150 g a.i./ha



Wheat powdery      mildewBanana leaf    spot Rice Sheath blight Coffee rust


Technical: 95% TC

CAS Number: 60207-90-1


FORMULATION: 50% E5, 50% EW, 50% ME, 25% EC


Mixture prodocts:


Propiconazole + Difenoconazole 50% EC

Propiconazole + Tebuconazole 45% SC

Propiconazole + Tricyclazole 52.5% SE

Propiconazole + Azoxystrobin i2% SC

Propiconazole + Carbendazim 35% SE